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Composite Violin Bows. We offer non-wood bows for every player. From basic student fiberglass, to career professional carbon composite models, you will find a perfect bow to match your needs. We are especially pleased with the success of Arcus bows for professionals. Yes, these are costly bows, but our sales indicate customers feel they are worth it.

Glasser. Glasser bows are made in the US. These have been the workhorse of student/educational bows for decades. In recent years, Glasser has developed new models for intermediate students, and proficient players.

Fiberglass Model (The original Glasser bow). The workhorse of school music programs and rental programs around the world.

4/4 $60.00 Order
3/4 $60.00 Order
1/2 $60.00 Order
1/4 $60.00 Order
1/8 $60.00 Order
1/10 $60.00 Order

Premium Fiberglass Model. Same as the original model, but has real metal wrap and leather grip.

4/4 $75.00 Order
3/4 $75.00 Order
1/2 $75.00 Order
1/4 $75.00 Order
1/8 $75.00 Order
1/10 $75.00 Order
1/16 $75.00 Order

Composite Model. Step-up performance for advancing students. Real Ebony frog with Parisian Eye.

4/4 $165.00 Order
3/4 $165.00 Order
1/2 $165.00 Order
1/4 $165.00 Order
1/8 $165.00 Order
1/10 $165.00 Order
1/16 $165.00 Order

X Series. New design that offers graphite performance at a moderate price.

4/4 $150.00 Order
3/4 $150.00 Order
1/2 $150.00 Order

Carbon-Graphite. Glasser's finest sticks made of advanced composite materials for advanced students and other serious players. Ebony frog with Parisian eye. These bows can be special ordered with particular weight and balance. Email for more information.

4/4 $285.00 Order
3/4 $285.00 Order
1/2 $285.00 Order
1/4 $285.00 Order
1/8 $285.00 Order
1/10 $285.00 Order

Braided Carbon Fibre. For serious players with highest performance needs. That's not just paint on the stick. You see the actual braided material used to make these bows, which is a patent-pending design. Also features aesthetics such as an elegant head, Ebony frog with oversized pearl eye with ring, and nickel/silver head plate.

4/4 Round $390.00 Order
4/4 Octagonal $420.00 Order


Eastman Fiberglass, Composite, and Cadenza model bows.

Fiberglass Holtz FG Model. This is the bow we prefer for our rental fleet. Full lined, Ebony frog.

4/4 $64.95 Order
3/4 $64.95 Order
1/2 $64.95 Order
1/4 $64.95 Order
1/8 $64.95 Order


Holtz Carbon Composite Model. 4/4 Only. Other sizes available by request. Ebony frog with Parisian Eye.

Black $149.95 Order

Cadenza 301 Formerly known as the Prelude Model

4/4 $129.95 Order

Cadenza 302. 1 star model. Formerly known as the Artist Model

4/4 $179.95 Order


Cadenza 304 2 star model. Formerly known as Artist Silver Model

4/4 $269.95 Order

Cadenza 305 3 Star model. Formerly known as Master Model. Silver Mounted, with Pernambuco faced stick.

4/4 $549.95 Order
Core Select. Made in China. Carbon bows for students and advancing players. These bows compete favorably with higher priced brands of carbon bow.

Model 100. Carbon-Graphite composite stick. Real Ebony frog with Parisian eye.

4/4 $150.00 Order
3/4 $150.00 Order
1/2 $150.00 Order
1/4 $150.00 Order


Model 200. Carbon-Graphite composite stick, with woven look. Real Ebony frog with Parisian eye.

4/4 $210.00 Order
3/4 $210.00 Order
1/2 $210.00 Order
1/4 $210.00 Order


Model 300. Carbon-Graphite composite stick, with woven loop in Red or Blue finish. Ebony frog has decorative inlay design.

4/4 $230.00 Order

Model 400. Revolutionary new synthetic material which allows for a standard weight range, extra rigidity, and high resiliency for a fantastic level of performance at this price.

4/4 $380.00 Order


Model 600. Carbon stick with pernambuco covering. Fully lined ebony frog with Parisian eye, and special nickel silver winding.

4/4 $250.00 Order




Arcus. Professional level bows made in Switzerland. Some of these models have matched the performance characteristics of the finest wood bows. Other models have surpassed what wood can do. Testimonials from customers that have purchased Arcus bows is overwhelmingly positive. In the words of one Cellist that owns an Arcus bow, "I feel like I'm cheating when I play this bow".

The materials used don't just allow Arcus to create bows with a wonderful sound and perfect playing properties. They can also adjust the resiliency, the weight and the balance with much more freedom and precision than with conventional materials. The complex texture of the carbon fibres still gives each bow its individual character and tonal beauty.

Sales trends indicate the 6-8 series are the popular choices for Professionals, while the 5 series is the best overall value. Many of these models are available in Round or Octagonal stick. This is a further distinction to match the bow choice to particular needs of a player and instrument. For more information about these bows, please contact us by email.

Below is the new line of bows from Arcus. They no longer make the Cadenza, Concerto, Sinfonia, Sonata, etc. The A series is also discontinued. The current models are a leap forward in design and performance.

S Series. Ultimate resiliency and brilliant sound makes the S Series the ideal bow for soloists. A perfect match for all dark sounding instruments.

S9 $9,400.00 Order
S8 $5,700.00 Order
S7 $4.000.00 Order
S6 $2,700.00 Order
S5 $1,900.00 Order

X Series. Visible carbon braided stick. For electric instruments or other modern playing styles. Photo coming soon.


X5 $1,525.00 Order
X4 $1,050.00 Order
X3 $900.00 Order

M Series. Has the flexibility of of the A Series, and the weight of the P series. Darkest tone balance of all Arcus bows, and a perfect fit for the darkest sounding instruments.

M7 $4.000.00 Order
M6 $2,700.00 Order
M5 $1,900.00 Order
M4 $1,300.00 Order
M3 $900.00 Order


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